• 7000 miles on paper

    7000 miles on paper

    A new series is in the making.
    Life is taking me across the USA and back again on what will be, when complete, a 7,000 mile road trip. Armed with a dozen books on tape, a AAA membership and a portable easel and accompanied by a lucky kola, this adventure will culminate in an online exhibition of plein air paintings, drawings, musings, possible collage/photography and a post trip print series.
    What better way to conquer the open road than to turn it into art?


    Jessika Hamiltons' first solo exhibition at the Mooney Center of New Rochelle College.

    Consumption Exhibit: Prints and paintings

    Open from 1/25/2013 to 2/19/2013

    Event Description
    Jessika Hamilton portrays these watercolor images as an attempt to channel the sharp wit of political cartoons and classic satire art: "As we turn our minds towards thoughts of resource management and our personal stake in the processes of consumption I hope we can view the troubling themes with a smirk of good humor and a little hope."

    Gallery Hours:
    Monday - Thursday: 9:30am to 9:00pm
    Friday - Sunday: 9:30am to 5:00pm

    Location Information:
    Main Campus - Mooney Center (View Map)
    29 Castle Place
    New Rochelle, NY 10805
    Room: Gallery